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We are a creative design company based in Portsmouth

We do industrial & commercial website design

We design beautiful websites mainly for industrial clients like factory’s and distributors with commercial intent. We offer a bespoke service that many people regard as the best in the industry. We are based in Portsmouth near Gunwharf and love to build visually amazing websites with masses of functionality for our commercial and industrial clients.

With our expertise in website design, we can alter the scope of any project from being good to outstanding. Please get in touch if you want to know more about our web design service.



We specialise in providing a total website design and management service for small and large manufacturing and engineering companies nationwide.  We have a proven track record in producing affordable, custom built and responsive industrial websites that help generate enquiries.

Being amongst some of the best companies for industrial web design Portsmouth we are able to deliver fantastic websites for our clients in an expedient fashion. These websites deliver not only great value for money but incorporate excellent design for mobile devices too, so no matter what the design remit, Portsmouth Creative Unit can provide a truly great web design service.

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Top Industrial Web Design Tips

If you are running a business in the industrial niche, you need to be front and centre with an exceptional web design. Note that, other industries are doing it and so are your competitors. Therefore, you shouldn’t be left behind. Here are some of the best industrial web design tips you should consider immediately.

Reduce The Number Of Categories

How many products do you sell? If you sell too many goods, you might need to put up many categories to match your products. However, that’s completely wrong because you will be confusing your users. Basically, you need to reduce the number of categories to at least 7. Take advantage of the free space and make the categories bigger and easier to access for people on mobile devices. In the long run, your website will not be cluttered.

Separate Text Blocks Using Footer Headings

If you don’t have the option of using headers, you can add more categories into the footer section of your website. It’s a bigger section and when the user reaches here, they have gone through the entire website. Thus they are still interested in what more your site has to offer if you have reached here. Make sure you don’t make the footer section into utter chaos since your users will have a hard time doing the simplest tasks.

Place Navigation Items Strategically

When creating a website, your main goal is to stand out creatively. However, there are a few rules and regulations you can’t tamper with. For instance, the navigation bar shouldn’t be tampered with.

Note that, your users are likely going to be confused if the search tab is placed in the wrong place. Well, you need to establish a proper structure for your website. Take a look at other players in the industry to confirm the structure and follow the same rules.

Avoid Huge Drop-Down Menus

Previously, when web design was still in the infancy stage, drop down menus were commonly used. However, most people are tired of them now. They might look like they are saving space but they are quite uncomfortable. For instance, it’s hard to reach an item on the menu especially if you are using a mobile device. On the other hand, search engines have a hard time crawling the drop-down items. Well, you can avoid this by creating sidebars with links since they are easier to access.

Separate Sidebars From The Main Page

You need to make sure that all the information on your website actually attracts attention. To do this, you need to make some blocks unique from the rest. You can structure and separate information by using sidebars. You can use sidebars that have a visual difference from the main page. To achieve this, you can change the colour. However, it will have a more aesthetic appeal if you have all the sidebars in one colour palette.

In conclusion, when creating your website in the industrial niche, you need to follow the rules and the tips outlined above for the best results.

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